Why I’m Here

Hi! My name is Melissa. I am a writer, illustrator, blogger (of other blogs), forager, teacher, homeschooler, lifelong learner, natural parent, acupuncturist, herbalist, massage therapist, mama. I’m also a vegetarian, into raw foods (sometimes), and love nature, nature journaling, birding, astronomy and general star gazing (especially with binoculars but also without). I have trouble keeping my house clean, neat and uncluttered, and not overeating. (Wooh, this is bordering on the confessional!)


I’ve started other blogs but my interests are so varied and jumbled…it’s hard to keep so many different blogs for every aspect of my life! I have one on wild foods, one on acupuncture, one on homeschooling, one on writing and illustrating, one on birding, one on juicing, one on running, one for a sketch a day…you see? It would just be so nice to sit down every day and blog about whatever I am doing that day (or week or month.) Learning computer programming…I’ll blog about that! Went for a bike ride and photographed some bald eagles, put that in! Working on a short story…sure, why not! All in the same blog!

So perhaps there is no niche and my blog won’t be a best selling million dollar making start-up company of its own, but really, I just want a place to work out my stuff.

Why in public? Why not in a journal? Believe me, I keep a million journals! Perhaps this will be more journaling than blogging and I’ll take it down. But there’s something about “putting it out there,” …I do have fear around that. Fear of being exposed, criticized, having my ideas or artwork stolen, etc. I have tons of ideas and spurts and starts and unfortunately also lots of loose ends and petering out. So I’m just going to try it, what the heck.

This blog is about all the thoughts, ideas, interests, pursuits, I have going on in my head and in my life.


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